Rhythm of non-terminating 'and' non-repeating decimals.
e = 2.71828182845905

The image above is a new way to arrive at any number with a decimal value (the above picture is deceiving so scroll down until the larger images as they show the better likeness of the pattern).  This means that a rhythm is present under terminating decimals like 1.75, repeating patterns like 1.9999999999 ,  and non-repeating non-terminating patterns  like e or pi.  That said you should realize that this idea is the unification of all decimal types, terminating, repeating, non-repeating non-terminating decimals.  Under one simple idea, a variation of the same process will lead to all the decimal numbers.

  I arrived to this conclusion based on some confusion as to how non-repeating  non-terminating decimals were calculated, ie. convergence, 1/1^2 + 1/2^2 + 1/3^2 + 1/4^2+ ..... +1/n^2 =  Z      |           (Z*6)^(1/2) = pi  and verious different numbers with different ways to calculate them.   I now know how to get  e and pi and phi or whatever but during my search to understand how they were calculated I came across this pattern of rhythm.  (I think this will prove that A/B = e or pi or whatever, but only as much as A/B = phi  when applied with the  Fibonacci sequence) Calculating a number this way is very slow, but I think its absolutely necessary to understand to understand rhythm of nature.   As this is a concept that does exist as well and should be learned.

On a side note to the rhythm of nature. I can now fallow the rhythm of seemingly unrelated events like a bird chirping, and every other noise (ie, I move parts of my body in exact accordance to the placement of the times I receive the sound and I do it as a pre motivated action, and at times can predict the rhythm which is to say at times I also get sloppy but I'm finding it harder to get sloppy in that respect as I probably am moving to some exact click of sound that I just cannot hear).   I also noticed everyone else is doing the same exact same thing, its a bit sloppy at times but you all still do it.   Apply this to n0n theory, then we are all rhythm linked together as one symphony of different and changing time signatures but unaware of it, and unaware that we can understand the rhythm of our selfs and the rhythm of nature because of understanding the rhythm of our selfs. (deep breath)

How I discovered this rhythm, first I gave the value of e to the variable e.  Then assigned 1 to a variable named A1  and assigned 1 to  a variable named B1.  Now A1/B1 = 1 and I would test the outcome.   If A1/B1 is less then e  then A1 would be incremented upon so A1 would then = 2,  and this would occur until  A1/B1 > e at which time B1 would be incremented upon. That said I found that A1 is always incrementing by 1, and B1 would increment at some number of  increments of A1, dark blue is 1 increment of A1 per B1, green is 2 increments of A1 per B1, and light blue is 3 increments of A1 per B1.  so the first line of circles is 1-2-3-1-2-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-1-2-3  so if A1 started at 2 (sorry gotta start with a higher number as you can see by the 7858 and 21359 in the picture above this was ran for a little bit, and therefor doesn't start with the initial value of 3 like it should) and B1 can start at 1 so:
A1 = 2  + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 and so on
B1 = 1  + 1 ............ + 1...................+ 1 + 1..............+ 1 and so on
so at the end of this short run A1 = 14 and B1 = 6     14/6 = 2.3333333 .  Now if we fallowed the pattern of the color of 0's till the end of the 3rd line the pattern changes, actually it's after the 5th line or so  (look at the pictures below to see how the real pattern goes).

The rotation of the pattern can never be squared to create a still image, note this is only for non-repeating non-terminating decimals.   A number like 1.9999999 does create a pattern of rhythm that can  be shown in a square of colors as static, and rhythm ends with the finding of the terminated decimals exact value.  If the value starts with less then a whole number like .998989898 etc.. then B1 would incrument by one and A1 would fallow at every so many steps of B1.

 I got to work on this some more but this is what I got so far, oh and for other numbers like pi the count can go up to 4 increments of A1 per B1, and I'm sure there are all the different time signatures of music in this.   This is also were I got the idea for the pattern of primes, and as soon as I got the idea for primes I kind of dropped this idea and focused on the primes.  Please note we need to discover the truth behind this if  we are to understand consciousness because according the n0n theory, consciousness is the convergence of aspect over periods,  we are a changing number that is our mentality of every influence we are effected by and even effected by things before we could have been effected by them at all (parent to child relation but its the parents changing makeup before the childs birth that I'm thinking ) .  And remember we are all rhythm, vibrating.  This can be directly applied to n0n theory because osillation of 2 things is rhythm, and n0n theory consists of many different 2 things that make up division.

There is a pattern here, it's a little hard to see,  hmm. I wish I had something that could capture my screen in real time that would make life so much easier in showing that the pattern is very obvious.  The rhythm that is occurring is like a wheel on the ground you cannot put this pattern in a box of said length by said height to become a static image.  The rhythm of increment adapts to the number that is its limit of motion,  a pattern does exist but its the pattern of changing rhythms.   I'll come up with a better tool to explain this pattern but for now this should work.