Hello, I'm Michael Camacho. The being of willed intent, behind Perception n0n. I get my inspiration from the 'creative intent', thats what I call my controlling force.  I'm simply just trying to make as much sense of it as I can.   A human barely capable of knowing music and math.  I use a basic instrument set: guitar,  keyboard,  microphone, and Madtracker.  My music is here. It's a unique style, going from one sound I like to the next one, or at least it used to be.  Now its more rhythm based, expect some more songs in the next few months and some very crazy rhythms.  The creative intent, that which is will, tells me to put everything in whatever logical place, which happens to be the before creation as defined as its own place.  To play dice is to play knowing 'god' wills dice to exist in the convergence of the now.  Thank you music as listening to a whole song in a single moment couldn't be understood.

Anyway, on to the music...
More to come...

Thank you for listening.
If I get enough requests, I'll start making cd's.

Any feedback can be sent to: n0n@hotmail.com.
That's n-zero-n @ hotmail.com.
Myspace: add me please